Data Recovery in White Hall & Little Rock, AR

Financing & equipment lease options available at Mansour’s Computer Solutions, Inc. Do you want 12 months or 5 years to pay off your computers or equipment? We can make it happen. MCS has a relaxed approval process, only taking your FICO score from experian. We can approve score’s below 600 and even people fresh out of bankruptcy! Turn that $1000 purchase into $67 a month payment, taking stress off your checkbook and increasing your productivity and efficiency. Let Mansour’s streamline your business. We offer advertising/marketing bundles as well for your small business. MCS can give customers up to $10,000 in store credit and for our business customers your funding has no max amount! One thing to remember, we can finance items outside of technology as well. If you doubt your credit, add co-signers to get approved.

Trade-In Program

3 months before you pay off your computer or equipment you financed, you
can opt in the sellout/buyout option. Basically what that means is you can
ship back your financed equipment to the payment company (or Mansour’s if
we offer more trade in value) for credit/trade in and get new computers.